What are feedback loops? Why do millennials need them?

Millenials seek feedback loops. Why? Because we want to grow. Not because we need constant reassurance that we are ‘doing ok.’


The loop is simple…Action- Reaction-Modification. We aren’t seeking 3 hour meetings every week. In fact we dislike sitting in long meetings. Instead millenials want to know that they have a safe space to freely share ideas or projects where they can get feedback.  Millenials are in-fact digital natives which means we have grown up with  online networks where we are constantly putting our ideas out to the world and entering into feedback loops with people we barely know.

At work, we hope for the same. How can we modify our ideas, projects or plans to better serve the organization and eventually impact the world? We have ideas and we are searching for opportunities to make them rock-star ideas!

It’s no secret that Millennials are the most educated and tech-savvy generation in history. Our generation entered law school in record numbers, completed graduated programs,  and/or have graduated from trade schools, community college and universities.

We have grown up in a time where team sports and team projects were the norm. We like hearing from others that we are developing and growing new skills and contributing in ways that matter. (Doesn’t everyone?)

Personal growth is huge to millennials. A Harvard Business Review article, “What Millennials Want from Work, Charted across the World” shows us that millennials in North America want their managers to empower them.

the kind of manager millenials want

We want to grow professionally with your feedback! We want to lead on projects and in teams but we still like hearing others thoughts. This is awesome — right? Millenials are striving to make your organization the best in the world and we want your feedback along the way!

Add feedback loops for your Millenials

Indicators point to mere occasional doses of coaching as an effective solution for addressing Millennials need for feedback. Experts have denoted that “encouragement doesn’t always need to be a substantial time investment” and that “even a few minutes can help make employees feel valued and strengthen company ties.”

A few simple ideas for establishing a feedback loop:

  1. Schedule a 20 minute idea generation sessions with your millennials each month.
  2. Use ‘Skype for Business’ or other tools to chat with your team during work.
  3. Ask millenials to share a list (three bullet points) weekly or biweekly via email and then share your ideas back with them. Help connect the dots or add knowledge to their ideas.
  4. Ask for their ideas on something that is challenging for you. (it might be something like using iCloud or snapchat)
  5. Instead of having an annual evaluation have a quarterly conversation.
  6. Offer to be a coach to a millennial—we love this!


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