Honoring the HopeMonger

Blog Artist: Kayla Schnuelle

It is with a heavy heart that I write this to honor the HopeMonger, Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D.

An amazing man passed away, but his legacy will continue through my work and the work of so many others. Gallup Senior Scientist Shane Lopez passed away last month. He was young and vibrant and he introduced me to an entirely new way of thinking. It is for that reason that I am writing this blog to share with my network and the world.

Shane came to us through his book, Making Hope Happen. Through his lens of hope, coupled with research, he talks about how hopefulness can move people and communities into change. My conclusion is that he was not only on target, but that hopefulness is so powerful in rural places.

Shane came to the 2015 Rural Futures Conference and spoke about ‘HOPE.’  He was magnificent! We even themed our conference “Hope Inspires Vision” because of how magnetic his message was for the Rural Futures Institute team.  In-fact, after the conference many participants called and emailed to share the impact he made on their thinking and why this matters for them.

He spoke about community well-being, hopefulness and the power of having a strategy of hope in our communities. What are the hopes and dreams of your community? How do we champion the message to others?  See his message by viewing the Video: The Importance of Hope

This brilliant man will be a missed, but his contributions to the academic field and his message about ‘hope’ will leave a lasting mark for so many rural people and places.

He changed the world by sharing the message about hope and I’m honored to continue sharing his message with you.


This blog was written to share with Shane’s family and friends! Pass it along.




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