“Hopeful Grit”

BLOG ARTIST: Kayla Schnuelle

The holiday season has me thinking about hope. What is the deepest meaning of this word? Many think it is something whimsical, fluffy and often tied to this holiday season. Let’s shift our thinking…

I believe that hope is a magnetic and powerful force that works in relationships, communities and is universal for people around the world. We have had several Presidential campaigns who have won elections on “hope.” This has been a powerful theme in social change movements for decades. When we are hopeful about the future, we are giving ourselves the permission to own our desired path to the future. Hope is a tool for us to shift our viewpoints, be empathetic, rally support and create vision. Can you recall the last time you were really hopeful? Now think about a time when you were a passive participant? Both are okay, but finding the ‘things’ that make us hopeful is important.


When people own their desired futures they create change and catalyze within their place. If I unpack this more I draw the conclusion that hopeful leadership is an important indicator to community sustainability and growth.

GRIT is the drive that keeps us going against all odds. It is our struggle, passion, perseverance and reaching deep when it gets really difficult. According to Angela Duckworth’s book, grit it is the power of passion and perseverance that comes to life for us. This word is not just about entrepreneurship, which it is often associated, it is about people, spirit and is tied to hope. It is a powerful force that divides those who create change and those who sit back as a passive bystander.grit

“Turns out that grit — the perseverance that keeps us going — is a lot more important than you might think. In fact, it’s the best predictor of success among West Point cadets.”

According to Duckworth, a major component of grit is “purpose” or having a sense of the greater meaning of your work and understanding how it is important to others and their lives work. Purpose creates the vision but hopeful grit supplies the passion and perseverance to achieve our goals and tackle the barriers.

What I offer today is the pairing of the words HOPE and GRIT. “Hopeful Grit” is something we all need more of. It is my growth edge. How can I use my hopefulness for the future combined with my grit to ignite change? It’s the dream and the action. It is the trials and the success. It is a vision paired with the confidence to go after what you really believe.

Hopeful grit is something that we develop with new experiences and with deep relationships. I have a network of relationships that supply me with renewed hopeful grit, they are the catalysts, they are those that create change in their place. Hopeful grit is the defining characteristic that emerges when we are challenged to find our purpose and grow it. It pushes us towards our growth edge.

Those with purpose can discover hopeful grit…but it isn’t forever. We constantly need to recharge our batteries and renew the grit and reestablish what gives us hope. Find a network of deep relationships that give you permission to be yourself but also challenge you to be your best — and work on deepening those relationships.

Hopeful Grit is the defining characteristic that emerges among catalysts when we are challenged to find our purpose and grow it.”


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