About Kayla

This is the hardest part, right? Telling who you are and sharing your story. Here goes…

Network is the Leader:
This is an opportunity for me to share a piece of me, my passion, my experiences and my big ideas. I have seen networks drive change and create platforms for idea generation for the past five years. This blog is a chance to share what I’ve learned and what others have learned.

Education and Experience:
I have a Master’s Degree in Leadership Education from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and also a Bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing.  I’m very blessed to have an amazing job at the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska, a great network of friends and colleagues and an opportunity to change the world one relationship at a time. A large piece of my work is ‘connecting the dots’ but another part is engaging others in the work. Connections drive change and I value connection, sharing resources, moving knowledge and harnessing talented minds to think about bold ideas.

My Personal World:
In my personal world I have a strong faith and I cherish every moment that I can spend with my family. I have three amazing little guys (Lane, Samuel and Liam) who keep me young. I have a fantastic husband who supports me and all my crazy big ideas. Joey also has a million big ideas so we try to balance each others ambitions as best we can. As a general rule I try to surround myself with energetic and optimistic people who are striving to make a difference in this world.

 My Inspiration:
HOPE for the future inspires me. I constantly strive to create a better future for my three boys and their future children. If I don’t, who will?

Gallup Strengths:
Arranger | Developer | Responsibility | Individualization | Harmony


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